Why Should You Visit Sittong This Winter?

It has always been a great pleasure to reach you all through my blogs. I am sure; you all heard about Kurseong, Darjeeling, and Kalimpong as best tourist spots. But today in this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts about a newfound wonderland, I visited last winter named Sittong.

 Sittong nestled in the lap of the mountains

It is one of the less crowded and offbeat destinations you can visit in Darjeeling Dist. This small hamlet is also known as ‘Orange Village’, for its cultivation and production of oranges is nothing but a place of beauty and serenity. This wintery wonderland located just about 33 km distance from Darjeeling, is getting popular for its snow-covered peaks, tea gardens, heritage buildings, and toy trains. So, if you are a traveller in a true sense, then Sittong will blow your mind with its charm and calmness.


Sittong located beside Riyang River in the Kurseong Division of Darjeeling district is a cluster of villages. This place is 76 kilometers away from New Jalpaiguri Station and 33 kilometers away from Darjeeling.

Getting There

So, if you are thinking, how you can reach Sittong, then let me show the path of this wonderland.

  1. a) Via Road: there are three routes, which connected Sittong from other places.

 Route 1: at first, reach Siliguri, then book a cab and which will lead you to Kalijhora via Sevoke. You can reach take a pause and visit Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary in Sukna. After 14 kilometres drive, you will reach Latpanchor and Sittong is 15 kilometers drive from Latpanchor.

Route2: start from Siliguri to Mongpoo Bazaar, which is approximately 55 kilometers drive. Then drive from Mongpoo bazaar to Labda. From Labda it is half an hour’s journey to Sittong. This route Mongpoo is bumpy and driving on this route during monsoon is not advisable as you have to cross Riyang River to reach Sittong.

Route 3: A 55 kilometers drive from Siliguri to Kurseong via Hill cart road. Then 75 kilometers drive from Kurseong to Ghareytar via Dilram and Bagora. The next half an hour drive will take you to Sittong. This route is my personal favourite.

  1. b) Via airway: After reaching Bagdogra airport, Start the journey to Sittong which is 83 kilometers from the Airport. This road is also well connected to other parts of the country.

Things I loved in Sittong

I was there for the weekend and here I the list of the things I loved most in this cute village. Apart from enjoying the famous ‘Darjeeling Oranges’, Sittong also offered me some spectacular sightseeing and adventure. The hospitality of the villagers was heart-warming and the orange orchards with different species of birds caught my eyes in second. In the hilly terrains, life is difficult but smile on the faces of people living there indicates happiness and joy. In next morning, I took a long nature walk followed by learning about the traditional lifestyle of Lepchas. I also did participate in various adventure activities, like trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing, and in the evening, I enjoyed this quite place by doing absolutely nothing. I enjoyed my vacation thereby spending time in the farms and walking through the villages and other times by sitting beside the bank of Riyang River and enjoying the scenic view.

Sittong was a treat for my eyes, as it is the most untouched part of hills in the Darjeeling Himalayan foothill and the beauty of nature, scenic views of the hills, different birds and orange orchard were worth watching.

The major aspects of this Orange Villa

Sittong is located in the foothills of Himalayan range and one need to visit it once in a lifetime for various reasons:
  • Sittong offers a stress-free and healthy life- With so much workload and stress in daily life, visiting an environment of the hill station is healthy as no sign of stress retains over there. The air of the hills purifies the blood and gives peace.
  • Sittong is a beautiful destination for adventure lovers- It offers several adventure options like trekking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. There are several trekking options in Sittong to nearby places within a few kilometres.
  • Sittong is less crowed and budget is also less as compared to other destinations- The crowd is nil as compared to other tourist places and travel agencies in this part provide affordable packages.
  • Sittong will provide peace of soul– this small village offers rejuvenation to your soul and positive energy. The admirable beauty of nature can be cherished each moment with birds flying above the greeneries and Lepchas with their lifestyle and hospitality.

Nearby places to visit in Sittong

There are some attractive places you can visit on your trip to Sittong,
  • The house of Rabindranath Tagore at Mongpoo is 20 kilometers away from Sittong.
  • Latpanchar is a famous tourist attraction as it is the highest point of Mahananda wildlife sanctuary. It is 13 kilometers away from Sittong. It is a home of various species of birds, butterflies, and Himalayan Salamander.
  • Bamboo Church is a local church and a must-visit place as it is 100 years old. The location of the church offers a nice view of the hills surrounding the church. There is a bamboo bridge near the church which wobbles when someone crosses the bridge.
  • The monastery at upper Sittong: There is an old monastery at upper Sittong made up of bamboo and mud. The ground next to the monastery is ideally located there and offers a clear view of MT. Kanchenjunga ranges.
  • Jogighat is located in the lower Sittong. It is a bridge over Riyang River and a common picnic spot for local people and tourists in Sittong.

 Best time to visit Sittong

The best time to visit Sittong is during winter, between November and January. It is the best time to see oranges as every home in this village has orange trees. But if you are a nature and bird lover, the best time to visit Sittong is after monsoon as this place will be covered with greeneries and numerous species of birds. Sittong can also be visited during summer to get relief from the heat.


Like me, if you are a hard-core fan of homestays in Darjeeling, then you can contact Experience Bengal Homestay as I did. They have some beautiful wooden cottages with every possible amenities. I was on a solo trip, and they helped me with everything, from planning the vacation to give information about local cuisines. The manager of Sittong Homestay was very friendly and soft-spoken, and no matter what time I called up front-desk, there were always ready to provide services.

I really enjoyed my weekend there and if you want to get a bunch of lifetime memories to cherish forever then visit this small hamlet as soon as you can.