Why Should You Prefer Homestay Over A Hotel?

There is a reason why Malala Yousafzai once said, “If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home.”

We can’t possibly ignore the fact that, when we heard the word “home”, it brings a pleasant sense of cosiness in our heart, it suddenly conjures the sentiment of our family, loved ones, personal favourite corner and so on. Then, why we just leave behind this warmth sense of feeling, when we go outdoors?

You would tell me it is an obvious work to do, as you are outdoors and it’s kind of impossible to feel the same. But here I am telling you; it would be possible for you to feel the same warmness of your home if you plan your journey correctly. As you see, whenever we are out, we mostly pick hotels and resorts instead of homestays. We stay there, eat there, follow their rules and that’s it, our journey is done. But, let me tell you that, if you choose homestays over a hotel, you will experience the warmth a whole lot more on a single trip.

And the reasons are…

  1. You Get To Experience The Local Culture


Travel is all about experiencing and exploring the new and embracing everything local while you’re out. While you are visiting a new place, what could be a better way to achieve this than living with a local, in a home that is typical of the place? While hotels can offer you with all the luxury, they rarely allow you to experience the true spirit of a destination.

  1. Get A Hold On The Exclusive And Personalized Experience


Once you get a perfect idea of a homestay, hotels or resorts are going to feel like more mass-produced clothes while homestays feel like limited-edition designer outfits. Homestays always have something exclusive about them, while hotels are, more or less, all the same for a given budget range. So, for those who fancy exclusivity and travelling to the north part of Bengal homestays in Darjeeling and Kalimpong can be a perfect option.

  1. Don’t Follow The Guidebook


Choosing a home-stay almost always means that you have someone who can guide you about the place better than any guidebook in the world. No travel guide or website can provide you with better tips on these than a local who has opened up their home to visitors to their city. Not everyone has the heart to do it, and those who do, sure have a passion for it and you will feel it eventually.

  1. You Will Get A Good Company, Even If You Travel Solo

For those who travel solo, homestays are the best travel decision they can ever take. It helps to have some company and conversations after spending the day exploring the town solo. Why just sit back and think of an unknown, when you can join the locals at the dinner table and share your side of experience? Contact us and you can be with a perfect host of any homestays in Dooars you want to stay in.

  1. The Warmth Of A Home Away From Home


Another reason to choose homestays over hotels is that every Homestays are unique in their own way as its mirror the personal style of the hosts. Homestay has its own essence, which you can’t find in hotels. While most hotels boast about rooms with views and charge exorbitantly for them, it is living at a homestay that can really connect you to a place.

  1. Explore The Taste Of Authentic Local Cuisine


A trip to a new destination is always incomplete without tasting the local food. While there will always be a plethora of options to choose from, nothing really matches the warmth of a home-cooked meal. Homestays solve this problem beautifully with delicious home-cooked food, often made using local produce. If you are craving for something special, most of the time your hosts would be happy to oblige.

  1. You Can Help The Local Economy

Being an avid traveller and a torch-bearer of responsible tourism, I feel it’s only natural that homestays be given preference because, in this way, we are giving back to the place so that it can prosper and develop. Hotels will anyway flourish, with or without a responsible traveller, but the concept of homestays has to be nurtured, loved and encouraged among travellers for the greater good. With homestays in Kalimpong you can make that small effort today.

  1. Gather Amazing Stories On The Way

A hotel can pamper you with luxury, but a homestay almost always gifts you with a story. Sometimes it is evident, and sometimes, it’s a treasure hunt that ends with a jackpot of interesting information about the native people, the place and many new perspectives. Not only you can just get to know other’s stories, but Darjeeling homestay will also help you to create your own personalized stories to share with your family and friends too.

  1. Make Friends for Life!


Last but not the least, we all need at least one friend, don’t we? And Darjeeling homestay will help you to make that one friend for a lifetime. Staying and roaming with new people will definitely help you make new friends. Now tell me, Which hotel in the world gives you a chance to interact with people and become a part of their lives for the time of your stay and beyond?

Experience Bengal Homestay offers homestays in Dooars, Darjeeling, and Kalimpong  for a memorable and overall healthy journey. And if you wish to heighten your experience just contact our professionals who will sketch a heart-melting trip for you.