Visit Latpanchar A Weekend Sensation in Darjeeling Hills

Latpanchar, a place tucked in the hills can be a perfect weekend destination for both the mountain lovers and bird enthusiasts. This village is nothing but perfect, and it is the home to some rare and exotic Himalayan birds, such as hornbills and other Himalayan birds.

Due to the lack of exposure in tourism development, Latpanchar was overlooked as a travel or vacation spot. But thanks to the state tourism development authority for developed this amazing place as a tourist destination. Latpanchar is all wrapped up with mountains, birds that offers an eye-catching view for tourists.

Once we reached the uphill, curvy, and broken hilly roads, we just heard the calm chirping of birds. Since Latpanchar is a part of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, besides birds we also encountered wild boars, barking deer; but if you are lucky enough you could also spot elephants and leopards.

Latpanchar – a weekend sensation in Darjeeling Hills

In a nutshell, Latpanchar is heaven for the bird and wildlife enthusiasts. There are over 240 species of birds and approx. 36 types of animals that can be spotted here. Besides boars and deer, this is a great place to encounter mountain goats, Himalayan black bears, monkeys and many more. We visited Latpanchar mainly for birds and among a plethora of birds, we spotted yuhina, scaly thrush, black bulbuls, ashy backed shrike, woodpeckers, spotted eagles, minla, drongo, King Fishers, magpie, minivets, Robins and Himalayan Pied hornbills.

All the Himalayan birds are beautiful, small, and don’t forget extremely fast. For instance, we spotted Sultan Tit, but as soon as we took out the camera boom! we felt like that bird vanished into thin air. We spotted some really wonderful birds; the leaf bird and scarlet minivet was a personal favourite. By the time we saw the great hornbill, we felt like, yes now out trip to Latpanchar is completed. What an amazing bird the great hornbill is, from the sound of its flight, we will know this bird is nearby and that view is just remarkable. If you are not a professional photographer, don’t get upset, just be there to see and hear the different sounds of birds and it will be a unique experience itself.  Also do not let go the opportunity of staying in the homestays in Darjeeling.

 Reasons to choose Latpanchar as your next travel destination

  1. As you already know, Latpanchar is a peaceful hamlet, and that is why, you will feel a wave of inner peace, which can’t be found in any other tourist place. Once you are in here, you are guaranteed to feel the windy and dense jungles roads, the muddy smell, a gamut of birds and the almighty view of the snow-covered Kanchenjunga mountain.
  2. To this date, Latpanchar is unheard of for many people. So, visiting this place will be affordable and effortless. Be here, and throw out the hustle and bustle of the city life in the lap of mountains.
  3. Unlike the people of big cities, the folks of this village are enthusiastic in nature, full of joy, warmed entertainers and energetic. Believe me or not, you will be inspired by their nature and by the way they live each day.
  4. All the local Nepali cuisines, like Sel Roti, Dhindo, all-time favourite Dal-Bhat-Tarkari and Momos are mouth-watering. If you didn’t get the chance to taste authentic Nepali cuisine, it is the time to bless your tongue and soul.
  5. Stay in a homestay in Latpanchar and that would give you an experience of a lifetime. The authenticity of Latpanchar can be witnessed at its best when you stay with the locals.

 Places nearby of Latpanchar

  1. Cinchona plantations Take a morning stroll in the winding road, and experience the calmness while passes through jungles of pine, Sal, teak and dense Cinchona.
  2. Ahal Dara the View-Point this view-point is an exact place to watch sunrise. Take a car, go up to the base of Ahal Dara the View Point, walk up to the top to get the magnificent view of Kanchenjunga peaks from the elevation.
  3. Namthing Lake– this lake, widely known for the rare Himalayan Salamander, a small lizard-like creature is a key point to see different types of birds and dense pine forests. After visiting Ahal Dara View Point, you must see this lake for an interrupted and quite time.

4) Sarsari Dara this place is 1.5 km from the village, and in here you will be getting the far-reaching views of snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga, other mountains and valleys around.

5) Sittong Orange Orchard Latpanchar comes under Sittong-3 Mahakuma, as the name referred, this place is famous for beautiful orange orchards. The roads are not that good for walking and it is highly recommended to take a jeep to visit around.

Where to Stay

We are from Kolkata, and that is why we contacted with Experience Bengal Homestay for an affordable price. They booked us in a beautiful homestay in Latpanchar for our weekend, and the homestay was beautiful, quite and the host was an amazing person.

How to Reach Latpanchar:

Via road– From Bagdogra Airport or NJP Rail station, Latpanchar is about 44kms and takes about 1.5 hours to reach there.

Via rail– The nearest railhead of Latpanchar is the NJP station, take a taxi or book a cab from there to reach Latpanchar.

Via air– the nearest airport is Bagdogra airport, and from there it will take about 1 h 47 min (49.2 km) via NH10 to reach Latpanchar.

Best time to visit Latpanchar

You can plan a visit between March to October because at this time this place feels like heaven with all its nature, scent and scenic view. However, between December to February winter comes in Latpanchar, for the people who are not that fond of cold, for them Latpanchar in winter can be quite freezing. But people who love to travel in winter they obviously can give it a shot

Monsoon season waves its hand between June to September. it is recommended to avoid this time, because of the bad conditions of roads and closed sanctuary (June 15 to September 15) as it is the animal breeding session.

Safari and Guided Tours

You won’t find any govt safaris or guided tours. However, you can book the private guides, cost Rs. 400/- per trip and the birding guides available for Rs. 600/- (indicative cost only). and.

Make a group, pack your bags, and give us a call to visit Latpanchar.