Top 8 Homestay Activities You Shouldn’t Miss This 2020

A Homestay isn’t just somewhere to stay; several Homestays offer a variety of events that provide visitors the rare opportunity to experience the area’s particular culture. Homestays may deliver anything, depending on the location, including outdoor sports, creative experiences and enjoying local culture including dance and music.

There are plenty of homestays but only a few will offer a unique experience and adventure. Tourists who have been bored with the idea of staying in a hotel, homestay in Darjeeling fell into their lives like a breath of fresh air.

So, we’ve come up with 8 best things you can do when you live in a homestay in the hills.

New experiences create new memories that may make you smile in some point of your life.

Learn and Taste Some New Recipes


Homestay in Darjeeling gives their guests Cooking Classes in tasty Indian food. These are casual and a fun way of getting to know each other and the delicious recipes!

You can find many excellent restaurants nearby but the hosts would usually prepare some of the best local cuisines. Meals in themselves are ethnic events so knowing some of your favorites should be a must.

Yoga- For the Soul


Yoga is a religious practice for Hindus, but also a way of helping with everyday life and giving the world a better perspective. Your hosts may schedule some private homestay lessons or direct you to a local long-term course center.

Local Sightseeing


Whether it’s a village stroll, or a city tour, or a collection of sightseeing places, the hosts are a great resource. Ask them for guidance on what to do, how to plan your day, what to watch for, timings, fares, taxis and anything else you need to know about.

If you are equipped with the appropriate information, local tours within a destination can be much more hassle-free. Homestay owners are always there to assist you with that.

Hiking and Trekking


You can go hiking or trekking guided by local villagers or by the hosts of your homestay in Darjeeling. Long challenging treks into the mountains and shorter treks are provided to see the natural landscape, such as the steep mountain faces and green fields. You can organize short treks, long day treks and longer treks including camping.



The hills are less populated than the other places; it is possible to see some other areas of Darjeeling by walking or cycling with the winds blowing the hair back. Cycles can be rented or your host can have a spare one you can use and with a map in your host’s hand or instructions, ride through narrow lanes and find little hidden treasures of the hills that are not available to everyone.

Experience the local events


Darjeeling and other surrounding areas also host local events such as plays, musicals, concerts, football, or festivals. The daily visitor doesn’t have links to these. You can get to special private events or marriages or holidays inside families with the support of homestay hosts which a typical tourist can never see.

Whether in football matches, or a class on Indian embroidery or cricket matches, having unique access to local entertainment will be fantastic.



Teesta gives you plenty of chances for Fishing and relaxing. Fishing with a rod, net fishing, are many different types you may see. Local fishermen love to have a company and the catch is quite insightful.

Your homestay in Darjeeling are more than willing to cook the fish caught by their visitors, so you can experience a tasty home-cooked fish curry!

Local Market


Along with your host, visit the local markets and stay close and personal to the destination’s daily life. Watch local people go about their daily routines, business in motion, colors, sounds and sights creating a beautiful Indian image.

Your host will be able to explain everything about life there, foods, fresh produce, Indian fabrics and more. There’s also the bonus of having a tip from local people on the best places to purchase specific items and get the best deal as well.

There’s lot more…

A homestay is not the only way to have an outmost experience that is well-rounded, wholehearted and culturally engaging, but it could be one of your favorites as well. After all, these memories and your photos won’t be the perfect souvenir.

It’ll be the connections you’re building, the interactions and experiences you’re bringing with you, and the occasional snail mail you’re sending and receiving from another location.