Growth of Homestays in the North Eastern Regions

The best feeling in the world is to have a good time with your family members and sharing love and care for each other. What if you can get all of these while you are on an unknown destination for a vacation? The experience would be the same as living in your own home with love, care, and joy.

Homestays in Darjeeling were not so popular previously but as days are passing, people are becoming more experimental. They are now more interested in living in a homestay than in a hotel and they are loving it!

Here, we will be informing you a little about growth of homestays in the north eastern regions and how did they become so popular over the years

There is a debate going on whether a homestay is better than a hotel and it will continue for a long time.

So what exactly is a Homestay?

Homestays in Darjeeling are almost the same as hotels but their functioning differs greatly. Travelers can accommodate themselves either in the same home with the host family or in a separate nearby apartment.

You will find homestays in Kalimpong that are much more economical solution for accommodation there, which are also ideal for independent vacationers of all ages, interns, foreign students and anyone desiring a genuine and real living experience which offers an opportunity for the travelers to experience the local community and the culture of that particular area.

You can also prefer living in a homestay in Dooars which covers some parts of West Bengal and some of Assam. Dooars is a beautiful area with hills, tea gardens and a few wild animals which will surely make your vacation a little more adventurous.

Now, let see how homestay became so popular over the years in the North-Eastern Himalayan Region

Kalimpong – located in the foothills of Himalaya in West Bengal and is quite close to the Sikkim border. The location and places of interest in Kalimpong have attracted travels towards it which resulted in the growth of the homestays in Kalimpong and their service towards the travelers.

The North-Eastern Himalayan region has plenty of places like Kalimpong and travelers who are traveling in this region here are more interested in living in a homestay than a hotel. The location, the environment, the culture, tradition, and many other things have made the homestays of this region very popular over the years.

Homestay Vs Hotel –The Fight Is Still On!

It will not be appropriate if we say that homestays are much better than a hotel because hotels have some of its own advantages over a homestay. But you can surely take into consideration that Homestays have proven to be a better choice over hotels for the backpackers.