Experience the Oraon Tribe at Magurmari Homestay

                                                                            “Athithi Devo Bhava”

This term defines that the guests who visit our home are compared to god. Indian people has always been offering all the love and care to the guests visiting this beautiful country.

For those that want the highest level of cultural and language immersion while traveling, homestays are the cherry on top of what will soon turn to be more beneficial and tasty than the rest of the weekend. Homestay living can educate you a lot about diverse cultures and enable you to obtain some valuable life skills.

Here, we are going to tell you about the experience of living in a homestay in Magurmari

Our homestay in Magurmari is located just 5 km away from Gajaldoba. Nearby our homestay, there are a variety of places to refresh your soul. Explore an immense variety of the local culture and tradition with the Oraon tribe in our Ethnic Oraon Forest Village. You can bring your car or bike with you as well for your convenience as we have secured parking facilities for your vehicles.

You can explore the Rocky Island, Apalchand forest, Kailaspur Tea Garden, the view of mighty Kanchenjunga from Gajaldoba and much more. You can refresh your soul by watching a variety of birds; taking a jungle walk and village walk with your loved ones and capture these beautiful moments for your memories.

You can visit us at any time of the year as every different season here has something different to offer you and you won’t get bored with us anytime you visit.

Sadly, most visitors who come to West Bengal and stay in hotels never get to experience true Indian hospitality and local culture. The good thing is that all this is changing as a result of the growing popularity of homestays in West Bengal.