The best 7-day vacation of my life in Darjeeling Hills

It was my summer vacations and I was planning for a week’s trip somewhere in the hills for a long time. But it was hard to finalize my destination as there were many options available for me but it was impossible for me to visit all those places within a week. It took me almost 3 weeks to finalize Darjeeling as my destination and then my job was to book all my arrangements.

I had a limited budget for my trip and I knew to live in Darjeeling for 7 days was going to cost me very much. You just cannot predict the expenses in the hill station as everything there is imported from the plains. So there was nothing that I could do with my food expenses so I thought of spending less on my accommodation. Upon researching, I got to know that homestays do provide affordable accommodation so I started searching for a homestay in Darjeeling and finally found one!

So, everything was sorted and all I have to was reach Darjeeling from Kanpur on Monday. I packed my bags, arrived at the railway station and boarded my train. I reached Siliguri the next day and took a shared jeep to Darjeeling. I searched for the homestay in Darjeeling that I booked on my Google map and direct went to the direction that the map showed me.

So at last, safe and sound, I was in the homestay and the feeling was just beyond my expectation. I visited Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, Rock Garden, Dow hill and many more nearby places. The food, the hospitality, the love, everything was just like my home. It was my first-time experience in homestay and it turned out to be the best experience.

And what do I saw about Darjeeling, honestly, it is really the queen of hills. The climate, the people, the food, the culture, everything is special about Darjeeling. I didn’t want to get back to my home, I just wanted to stay there and enjoy the peace, nature, the hills, the tea gardens, the waterfalls, and the Kanchenjunga.

But I had to go and I was really sad while leaving. I think that no hotel can give you this kind of travel experience as I had lived on a homestay in Darjeeling. So if you ever visit the queen of hills, you shall prefer to living in a homestay over a hotel for the best experience.