5 Best Places to Visit in Mirik with Family This 2020

With an elevation of 4905 ft. and just beside the Nepal border, this small Indian town – MIRIK has been successful in attracting tourists from all directions. The climate, the food, the culture and undoubtedly its appealing beauty works as a magnet and makes it one for the most visited destination in the North Bengal region after Darjeeling and Sikkim.

For the locals of Siliguri, this small hill station proves to be a perfect weekend destination that can be reached effortlessly. The weekdays in Mirik are not so densely occupied but if you are planning for a weekend trip, then you surely have to pre-book your homestay in Mirik.

Here, we will be apprising you a little about the 5 best places to visit in Mirik with family this 2020 and how it will reshape your soul…

Climbing higher than the clouds is not so easy, but once you reach the peak, the view is no less than an art.

Mirik Lake

This is the biggest attraction of the small town and this is where you’ll probably wish to spend most of your time.

Many don’t know about this but Mirik Lake is also popularly known as the Samendu Lake.

The lake is about 1.25 km long and flanked by chestnut trees, oak trees, and maple trees. Here you can indulge in activities like boating and horse riding. You can see the ranges in northern direction, and you can even get the incredible view of the snowy peaks of Kanchenjunga on a clear sunny day.

Orange Orchards

A unique and extraordinary thing is to see the Orange orchards around Mirik. You might not be aware of the fact that Mirik is West Bengal’s biggest supply source of oranges. Orange orchards can be seen in Mirik Busti, Sourenee, and just a few other places.

And if you are lucky enough, you’ll see them in full bloom, the entire place looks so astonishing with countless orange bulbs glowing like day stars.

To ensure a cozy and lavish stay in Mirik homestay, you can book yourself once you reach there.

Bokar Monastery

You can see this beautiful monastery high up on the hills from the lake if you take a peek in the southeast direction. And as you look down from the monastery below, you can envision how beautiful the lake and the rest of the town looks like.

The gap to Bokar Monastery from Mirik Lake is about 2.8kms, and it takes about 40 minutes to walk up the hill, or you can take a local taxi and easily reach it.

Tingling View Point

The name of this location is derived from the nearby tea estate. The initial tea gardens you see from here is the Sourenee Tea Estate and below that Tingling Tea Estate is located.

So, Sourenee Viewpoint would have been a better name for this location than its present name, more so since it is situated very close to a village called Sourenee. In adding more info to it, you will have to pass the village of Sourenee and go one kilometer further to reach this viewpoint.

Temple in Devi Sthan

This is a sacred area situated on Mirik Lake’s west bank and perched deep in the forest as well as high up in the hills. There are idols of many gods and goddesses here but Devi Durga or Bhagwati is the main attraction of this place.

You can get in the temple either by crossing the arch bridge or walking around the lake’s southern perimeter, to the western bank.

The Perfect Get-Away Location

Enriched with diverse activities in the heart of the town, Mirik will not only make your storage device full of delightful memories but also, will make you indulge in activities like horse riding, boating, fish feeding, and trekking. With the blend of Mirik’s exquisite culture and tradition in your soul, you will not the same person at the end of your journey.